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We’re proud to present to you the official wines of South African royal families.

handpicked and Approved by each King and Queen,
LucMo Wines is honoured to be a part of celebrating their lives and the legacy they have built.

Lifestyle, Luxury And Top Quality

LucMo Wines is a South African wine producer and distributor of African grown wine. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer you the finest selection of wines, nurtured and processed locally on our very own mountains by our country’s most seasoned vineyards. With every sip, we guarantee a taste of top quality wine and a smile on your face

Experience the Ultimate African Royal Feast Paired with Carnivore Restaurant Game Meat.

Book Your Royal Feast Experience & Enjoy Our Games Meat Platter Paired With African Royals by Luc Mo Wines Flagship Range.

Wine Accessories
Have Arrived

Each Accessory can be custom engraved to make your LucMo Wine Range truly Unique.

African Royals Accessory


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